Being and Nothingness; exploring the value of trust in perceptions of states of consciousness through improvisation.

Concerned with the development of individual artistry and the nurturing of creativity within institutional dance programmes in the UK, this practical workshop session proposes fundamentally to explore the notion of trust through improvisation. Trust in self, in others, in perceptions of fluidity in the world and our comprehension/challenging of these through movement. Coming from a firm belief in embodiment and the mind-full body, value is placed on developing individual’s understanding of states Being and Nothingness (referencing the philosophies of Jean-Paul Sartre) through movement. The workshop will encourage explorations, individually and collectively of a fluid sense of self, of presence, in relation to environment, as evolving moments in time.

This workshop holds value in areas of dance, movement, somatic practice, choreography, improvisation, movement analysis, inclusive practice.

Practical requirements; warm, clear studio space, sound facility for ipod.


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