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On Dec. 2nd the ArtEZ Master of Choreography celebrated its 11 years with the publication Inventing Futures, doing and thinking artistic research with(in) the Master of Choreography Programme of ArtEZ. Artists, in which current and former students, and theorists reflect on themes and notions that have emerged in the program as particularly challenging and productive, namely latency, constraint, collaboration, failure and trust. These are suggested as prisms through which one could think, imagine and invent future(s), in particular for choreography and institutional practice-as-research.

ISBN: 978-94-91444-09-8

As of Dec. 3rd the book is available in:
– bookstores (where everyone can also order it)
– amazon
– directly from ArtEZ Press us by sending an email to: Minke Vos at
Inventing Futures

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  1. Dave Hulbert


    Do you have an isbn number for this title please ? The book is not appearing on any of the catalogues of our usual suppliers as well as amazon UK and US.

    Thanks and Regards

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