Call for applications: ArtEZ Master of Choreography//Master Theatre Practices auditions 2014-2016

Deadline for application (first round): Between October 1st and January 6th 2014.

The complete application must be sent to Rutger Bilderbeek:

In addition, and most importantly, you must enroll at Studielink (This will be possible as of the first week of October 2013).

Final Round: March 3rd and 4th

Where: Arnhem, The Netherlands

Further enquiries:

More detailed information can be found here

Please note that as of September 2014 the MoC programme will continue but it will be referred to as the Master of Theatre Practices. The ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices has evolved from the Master of Choreography (MoC) and now incorporates expanded notions of theatre, including dance and choreography. The programme, like before, sees artistic practice and research as dynamically inter-related practices; as sources for embodied and intellectual enquiry that, when rigorous, can challenge, rejuvenate or even trespass more traditional methods of artistic production and education. In the two years of study the programme builds a strong and solid platform for artistic and intellectual development in an interdisciplinary environment.

The programme connects to international theatre practices, offering the artists the possibility to critically engage with complex and changing cultural, social and political contexts by furthering their artistic development and by (re)defining their practice through research.

 Artistic research within a broader context

With this next step, ArtEZ is anticipating the changes within a large part of the art disciplines and work fields. Boundaries between disciplines are fading and artistic research is crossing these boundaries. In addition, the work field places increasing emphasis on artists who are able to independently position their artistic work within a broader context. Research and knowledge sharing play an important part in this process.

Individual research track

During the course of the education the individual research track remains the central focus. The taught programme consists of three supporting, underlying modules: Work Methods, Contextual Practices and Discursive Practices. As you will notice, they all very much relate to the current modules of the MoC.

Collaboration with(in) diverse (international) platforms/ networks

The Master Theatre Practices offers a platform for interaction and collaboration for dance and theatre makers within the Faculty and ArtEZ as well as with partners in the Dutch and international fields. Through the gathering and dissemination of knowledge and expertise, students will meet and offer each other opportunities for inspiration coming from diverse backgrounds, research areas and interest.

We strongly believe that with this expansion the programme will become even stronger.

Photo by Thibault Prodhomme, from ‘Twist in the Body of the Big Spectator’ by Emilie Gallier (2012)



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