It is tremendously important that great poetry be written, it makes no jot of difference who writes it.

Ezra Pound (1954)


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The body is unstable or would not have survived. It is just enough unstable to make possible the struggle for equilibrium between its parts.

Mable Elsworth Todd, The Thinking Body


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Language is very useful in physical processes for its ability to make distinctions between things. Movement is useful for its ability to humble and question those distinctions.

Chrysa Parkinson in ‘From Movement out of reflection in Becoming: The Dancer and the Creative Process’ by Cecilia Roos (2013)

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“I have nothing to say and I’m saying it. The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all.”

John Cage

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“Time becomes independent when it does not allow us to fill the emptiness with meaning”.

Bojana Kunst

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“Vivem em nós inúmeros; se penso ou sinto, ignoro quem é que pensa ou sente. Sou somente o lugar onde se sente ou pensa.” // “Many live in us; if I think or feel, I ignore who it is that thinks or feels. I am only the place in which it is felt or thought.”

Ricardo Reis

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