Nobody ever bothered

“Nobody ever bothered to explain just how long you had to think about something before it stopped being spontaneous” 

Michael Donaghy, from ‘The Shape of the Dance” (Picador, 2009, p.119  by means of Jonathan Burrows)

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Image by Mary O'Donnell

Image by Mary O’Donnell

Image by Mary O’Donnel

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Improvisation, by its nature

“Improvisation, by its nature, is living at the edge of the unknown. As such, it is fundamentally about creativity. Working spontaneously, we draw upon worlds within us that are largely inaccessible to conscious thinking. In the course of doing this, we come to discover over and over again that we know and take in from our surroundings much more than we generally realize.”

Chris Crickmay, 2008, by means of Eva Karczag

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It takes a long time

“It takes a long time to play like yourself”

Miles Davis, through Eva Karczag

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