Juliana publishes article

Mid November 2009: Juliana Atuesta’s article on ‘Repetition’ will be published in Spanish on ‘El CuerpoEspin‘,  a Colombian Journal

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Open-Form Composition is, by Kent de Spain

“When I was in Arnhem the last time, we began my last day with a long discussion about how I understand open form composition and its relatives. The framework that I provided came out of my thinking over the week there.

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Open-Form Composition is, by Lisa Kraus

“Open Form Composition” probably means very specific things to the practitioners who use the term to describe their work. Not being one of that group, I surmise that it concerns a way of composing where there is openness to create within the performance itself, by choosing placements and timings and ways of rendering materials.

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Open-Form Composition is, by Eva karczag

“The commitment to multi-directional awareness that engenders decision-making rooted in listening to the self (in all its multi-faceted and multi-layered actuality), others (if present), the space (and all it contains), the score (if there is one), the material that is emerging, and the possibilities all of these contain from moment to moment.”

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