Conversation with Wen Hui, Nov. 23

On November the 23rd Wen Hui will meet with our current cohort of students to present and talk about her work. Would you like to participate, please let us know at

Living Dance Studio/Wen Hui

Mixture of Chinese texts, films and dance

Through a mixture of dance, texts and film material Living Dance Studio tries to give us an idea of life in contemporary China and China in the past. This isn’t the kind of theatre which create a lot of Wen Hui fans – who was trained by Pina Bausch a.o. – amongst Chinese rulers. They would rather forget the ‘details’ of the great famine in the sixties and the terrors of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Nowadays her work is still more or less hushed in China, but fortunately this isn’t the case in Europe.

‘Listening to Third Grandmother’s Stories’ originated from a meeting between Wen Hui and a great-aunt (the ‘third grandmother’), who experienced al the turn points of the twentieth century. To this Wen Hui adds her own experiences and in this way paints a picture of the women in China.

This performance is part of the ‘Ervaar daar hier theater’ (‘Experience there here theatre’). A group of theatres decided to join forces and present five special theatre- and dance performances coming from regions with theatre traditions usually unknown to the Dutch public. Get to know a world that makes one marvel, full of thoughts, feelings and events that seem far removed, but at the same time feel familiar.

More information on the project can be found here

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