Crie Futuros Movement

Crie Futuros Movement
Brazilian Choreographer Lala Deheinzelin made a carreer switch to creative economist, futurologist, political consultant and activist by redefining the concept of creative economy. Her concepts have, at first glance, a definitely non-european angle, and she has worked together with South-America, African and Asian government institutions. In her book ‘Desirable New World’ she outlines the concept of an economy based on, surprisingly radical, views of incorporating intangible values of cultural heritage, creativity and well being, into a sustainable and attainable economy. It is radical because it is as revolutionary as it is readily available.
In this talk, Frankfurt a.M. based choreographer and researcher Ricardo Viviani will expose the basic concepts of this book and indicate possible strategies of implementation within an european context, supported by his artistic, theoretical and pedagogical practice. His implementation of some these concepts have been selected by the ‘Kinder zum Olymp’, a German Pedagogical Prize, as notable example of the synergy of artists and school environments.


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