Dances Beneath the Oak, by Annika Pannitto, May 8th, 2014//Rotterdam

Dances beneath the Oak is a series based upon several physical practices that evolve into choreographic works.
Consequential movement is the second dance of the series.
Consequential movement is a physical practice that sees movement as a chain of events, a waterfall that finds its articulation in the body to spread inspace and time.
Dance as a frank, clear and readable dramaturgy of movements that tells the story of an inner condition.
Dances beneath the Oak has the ultimate goal to establish and share a common field between the performance and the audience as a reflection about how our bodies can create the conditions for “some thing” to emerge.
“Some thing” as condition, imagination and movement.

May 8th
h 19.30
Krijn Bon studio,
Rotterdamse Schouwburg


Choreography Annika Pannitto Dance Elisa D’Amico,
Coralie Meinguet, Fariza Achoendova
Music Sonata for violin by Béla Bartòk
Artistic advisor Bruno Listopad Music advisor Rodrigo Faina Video Kim Schonewille
Light Riccardo Frezza Clothes Christina Braun Sonia Aissaoui
Production and organization Susana Pedrosa



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