‘Homework’, by Orly Almi, goes on winter tour in private houses, Israel Dec. 14, 2013-Jan. 10, 2014

homework עבודות בית وظائف بيتية a cooking dance performance originally created in the framework of the MoC at ArtEZ is on tour again.

The event, in which cooking and dancing, eating and discussing form one performative event, will be served in various localities in Israel from Jerusalem to Haifa to Tel Aviv. The piece was shown during the summer of 2013 in ten houses throughout Israel – in the city and in the village, in the North and in the South, in the centre and in the periphery

‘Five women between a kitchen and a studio, between cooking and dancing. Walls between indoor and outdoor dissolve, intimacy evolves; intimacy that fertilizes trust; trust that sprouts a safe space; a space that kneads the fears; a space where one can dance, eat, talk, listen, see, smell, breath; a space where one can pause; a space where one can take risks, so that one can change; and offer this change– together.’ (from the invitation)

A work in process that moves between continents, countries, and homes; between improvisation and structure; between private and public spaces; between the personal and the political.

Concept, choreography, production: Orly Almi קונספט, כוריאוגרפיה והפקה: אורלי אלמי أورلي ألمي فكرة، تصميم رقص، وإنتاج

With  בהשתתפות: بمشاركة

Orly Almi  אורלי אלמי أورلي ألمي // Moran Bash מורן בש موران باش //Tanya Feldman טניה פלדמן تانيا فلدمان // Ewa Szubstraska  אווה שובסטרסקה إيفا شوبسترسكا // Einav Tell עינב תל عيناف تل //Nur Bar Goren  נור בר גורן نور بن غورن

Supported by בתמיכת: بدعم

Noga Almi-Hantke נוגה אלמי-הנטקה نوغا ألمي – هنتكه //Naomi Mark נעמי מרק نعومي مارك TamTam Design תמרה פרת تمارا برات “تام تام للتصميم” // Glocal Translations Ltd נביל ארמלי نبيل أرملي “غلوكل خدمات ترجمة”

Artistic mentors ליווי אומנותי: مرافقة فنية

Sigal Bergman סיגל ברגמן سيغال برغمان //Eva Karczag אווה קרצג إيفا كرتسغ




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