‘If choreography were a fish writing would be its dorsal fin’ // 21.09.2012 by Emilie Gallier

In this session, I will present theories developed in my thesis ‘The Dorsal Fin of Choreography – Writing Performs: Notation and Spectatorship’. We will focus on Writing (notation and scores) in tension with Choreography, aiming to identify the position and performance of Writing within each one’s choreographic practice.

Starting with an historical overview of systems of notation and definitions of scores since the XVIIth century, we will study the nature of notation and scores. We will then problematize their traditional subordinate role. From the metaphor of the dorsal fin – that is to the fish the vital body part that stabilizes it against rolling and allows sudden turns – we will question in what way is Writing as crucial to Choreography as the dorsal fin is to the fish.

Reading together and discussing texts from Laurence Louppe, Mark Franko, Jonathan Burrows and Daniel Rovers, we will deal with the issue of graphophobia (the fear that writing may inspire), study the movement of writing and the writing of movement (the theory of the ‘print’), glue Writing at the back of Choreography to give to Choreography its force of and on the movement of thinking.

Would you like to attend? Send an email to Konstantina Georgelou at k.georgelou@artez.nl



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