Inside Out, Outside in & Möbius Strip, with Diane Elshout, April 2

“The three sessions (Sept. 28, Nov. 23 and April 02)  are based on the insights of my Master thesis Researching Bodies1 . They will focus on the relationships between the modes of perceiving the body in theory and philosophy and the actual choreographic practice of creating dance. We will investigate how modes of creating and thinking imply cultural and historically specific ideas, assumptions and presuppositions with regards to body-mind relationships. The body-mind relationship is approached in a non dualistic way using the Möbius Strip, a non hierarchical scientific model as a ‘a way of problematizing and rethinking the relations between the inside and the outside of the subject, its psychical interior and its corporal exterior.’2

The Möbius Strip has been applied by Elisabeth Grosz in her book Volatile Bodies (Grosz, 2004) in which she maps influential theories of Freud, Lacan, Merleau-Ponty, Foucalut and Deleuze e.o concerning body-mind relationships and creates two categories: the Inside Out and Outside In. The ‘Inside Out’ approach includes psychoanalytic and phenomenological theories concerned with the psychical inscription and coding of the body and marks the inside of the Möbius surface. The ‘Outside In’ approach includes philosophical positions that focus on the body as a ‘social object, as a text to be marked, traced and written upon by various regimes of institutional power’3  in order ‘to carve out a social subject capable of labour, of production and manipulation, marking the outside of the Möbius Strip.

In the three sessions, the Inside Out and Outside In categories and the Möbius Strip will be used to practically and theoretically explore connections between a specific understanding of the body-mind relationship and various aspects of choreographic practice in the context of culturally specific modes”. (Elshout)

2 Grosz E. (1994), Volatile Bodies: Towards a Corporeal Feminism. Indiana: Indiana University Press.

3 Ibid. 5


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