Inventing Independent Institutes – The Young Institute of Futurology (Project presentation/discussion/workshop)

I suggest to address questions about artistic research in/within institutions from the following point of view: 1. I would like to look at institutes that have been invented or established by artists – outside of any academic legitimation. What kind of independent or even fake institutes have been invented by artists themselves, to frame or name their artistic activities and research in a certain way? What kind of impact does the notion of an institute (department, think-tank) promise and provide? As historical examples we could discuss ideas about artistic institutes or avantguarde think-tanks by Allan Kaprow, Asger Jorn and others, but we could also try to write a list of artist-institutes in contemporary art. 2. I would like to present the so-called „Junges Institut für Zukunftsforschung“ („Young Institute for Futurology), that i founded together with kids/scholars from Hamburg, where different players from the city of Hamburg can give research assignments to the institute. This project refers to another sector of institutes – business institutes that do exist in the field of futurology and /or consulting. I would like to discuss the usage of an institute as an enabler für transdisciplinary research and collaboration and the participation of kids in future discourses. The project is part of my research within the artistic-academcic postgraduate program „Assemblies and Participation: Urban Publics and Performance“, that questions the role of artistic research in processes of democratisation 3. In a short workshop-unit i would like to offer and mix some techniques from futurology (f.e. scenario planning) to create – together with the participants – scenarios about future institutes of artistic research, that we can imagine to work in/with: what are the institutes called, that would you would like to invent, create and launch in the future? Or why would you rather not to…?
some space, chairs, a projector, post-its, paper, maybe a lottery wheel. approx. 2 h


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