‘Beyond the surface of things, between the visible and the possible’, a lecture by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, January 6th, 2014


One might raise the question: what is the relation between the possible and the visible? While writing on Antonin Artaud’s sketches, Jacques Derrida says that a reservoir of countless possible images always live within the matter of art, before a single shape is born. Similarly and centuries before, within an essay on dance in the XV century, Domenichino da Piacenza calls fantasmata a sudden interruption between a pose and the following one, able to reveal for a while the possibility of the body to become any following step, before becoming just one.

At the emerging of the single visible shape in front of us, all other alternatives seem to disappear or be reduced to lost images that could have been emerged but are not, to lost movements that could have been achieved but are not. Nevertheless does the visible always have to replace the possible, or does it contrariwise have the ability sometimes to be the instrument to reveal the possible?

In a path between philosophy and artistic practice, this conversation investigates the movements through this thin threshold between possible and visible. And by inevitability echoing in the idea of all worlds that could have been emerged but are not, this path on the notion of potentiality reveals how the perception of this same threshold is instrument of a political reflexion within any aesthetic experience.

January 6th, 16:30 at ArtEZ, Onderlangs 9, Theatrium (exact location yet to be announced).Would you like to attend? Please let Konstantina Georgelou know at k.georgelou@artez.nl

Daniel Blanga-Gubbay is a research fellow at the Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf within the Graduiertenkolleg Materialität und Produktion, teaching political philosophy for visual and performing arts. After graduating in philosophy from the University of Architecture in Venice with Giorgio Agamben, and having founded the performing art project pathosformel, Daniel Blanga-Gubbay begins in 2008 a European Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, jointly run by the University of Palermo, Valencia and Freie Unversität Berlin, publishing a thesis on the relationship between body movement and expression of possible. As pathosformel Daniel Blanga-Gubbay presents performances and workshops in main european contexts such as: Institute for Contepmorary Arts London, Grec Barcelona, Les Brigittines Brusses, Noorderzon Gröningen, Clipa Tel Aviv, Centrale FIes. Recent articles about his research have appeared in Purlieu (Philosophical Journal University of North Texas), L’Iselp (Brussels) and Paragrana (Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie, Berlin).

For more information refer to his website

La timidezza delle ossa 1

featured image:  pathosformel/Antonio Ottomanelli


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