Mapping the landscape: the identity of artist-scholars working in institutions and the industry.

Doughty and Fitzpatrick have identified a perceived need to examine the status of the independent artist who has migrated into an educational context and seeks to maintain Practice-as-Research (PaR) activities in both the institution and industry.

The boundaries between artists working in these contexts have blurred over the last decade or so, with professional artists seeking links with institutions through postgraduate study or employment whilst still attempting to seek recognition for their work as an artist beyond academia.

This proposal is for a roundtable discussion that addresses the theme of ‘the identity of artist-scholars working in institutions and the industry’, in order to better understand the synergies, tensions and opportunities that exist for these artists beyond academic contexts.

Current research invites ‘artist scholars to push their work further and develop the confidence to situate their art in the university context’ (Daichendt 2013). However, personal experience and research findings to date demonstrate that artists who are aligned with academia and who are, by default, deemed to be engaging in scholarly research (which includes PaR) find it increasingly difficult to position themselves as artists in non-academic contexts. Piccinni and Kershaw note that there are ‘clear demarcations between the sets of expertises that the ‘scholar’ and ‘artist’ may possess (2004) and we want to better understand how the ‘scholar’ and ‘artist’ might be considered in a more synergetic way.

We welcome discussion with colleagues from within and beyond academia to help us investigate the attitudes towards, and perceptions of the artist-scholar in order to map the experiences of practising artist-scholars and to better understand their status in both academic and industry contexts.

Requirements for a 90 minute discussion: seminar room, computer, projector, Smartboard, paper, post-it note paper and pens.


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