Research Presentations first year, July 2 and 3

We are very happy to invite you to the end-of-first-year research presentations of Annika Pannitto, Artémise Ploegaerts, Orly Almi and Ursina Tossi on:

July 2 (13:00-15:00) and July 3 (12:00-14:00) in ArtEZ Theatre Zaal 3, Onderlangs 9, Arnhem.

Please make reservations at:

July 2

Annika Pannitto:’ The Body as Generator of Vision(s)’. On Presence, Emersions and Traces: A Lecture, live analysis, discussion

Starting from the analysis of my last piece Dances Beneath the Oak/tuning and delay, I will go through the main topics of the research, presence emersions and traces, and how they interconnect to give form to a choreographic system. Practice and theory meet and cross each other to open a reflection about the human body and how its movement’s articulation generates a wider movement that questions space and time and gives way to the emersion of “something else”.

What is the “something else”? How do form and structure relate to it?



Ursina Tossi: ‘we’ve got to get in to get out’

When hierarchy is the name of the landscape I’m travelling in, then hierarchizing is the active force that produces. The force comes into existence by passing inclines and moving through fields of vertical tensions. The journey through the landscapes of hierarchy asks for a more handy and miscellaneous openness to the notion.

This presentation will give an insight of how I entered this field in order to negotiate problems choreographically.


Photo by Saskia Bannasch

July 3


Artémise Ploegaerts: ‘What could they see of us? The human body: unexploitable potential’



Orly Almi:WOMEN & PUBLIC-PRIVATE-SOCIAL-POLITICAL-PERSONAL-SAFE SPACE or Art as Act of Social Change: a Cooking, Dance, Performance Lecture served by Orly Almi.


Ingredients: flour; dust, or earth, what we are made of; milk; nurture, mother, physical contact; eggs; potential, strong, round and fragile;(after Ingrun Schnitzler)

Preparation:Take one cup of earth, 2/3 cup of mother, and 1 fragile potential and help them get together. Leave to leaven and rest.You can add some spices to give life a twist. Let the fire join in a strong and loving way. Put an object that can make the flame into heat. Get some oil to soothe the pan, put some of the batter and let magic happen. Create your own world and eat it!

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