Orly Almi improvises in the frame of ‘His Girl Friday’, an exhibition by Anat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Dec. 7th

Orly will make a solo-improvisation that interacts with the pictures, mostly of women, some of women immigrants and asylum seekers and one political prisoner Anat Kam, an Jewish Israeli who took top secret documents from the Israeli army when she served as a secretary/administrator during her army service and gave them to a journalist that published them. She was accused of betrayal at the beginning and was sentenced to jail.

Saturday, 7.12.13, 20:00

Closing event of ‘His Girl Friday’ an exhibition by Anat Aviv

At the wall in the Hachashmal (Electricity) // 33 Hachashmal St. // Tel Aviv

Exhibition runs 23.11.13-7.12.13



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