Pelléas material / b.a.n.q. – a poetic product of contemporary research

“Pelléas material” is a dance-research project exploring the French fin de siècle opera “Pelléas et Mélisande” by Claude Debussy (1902). The project addresses constraints of power and cultural hegemony using dance/performance in a contemporary (re)interpretation of the opera.

Using the experience of this recent project, I will discuss the division of tasks and roles and their functionality in artistic research orbiting dance, opera and conceptual performance.

The aim of the session is to initiate further thoughts towards evaluating existing definitions and models of artistic research and artistic creation.

After a brief presentation of both Debussy’s opera and the current project, the participants are invited to bring in their knowledge and expertise for discussion.

The following questions will be addressed:

• What are the opportunities embedded in “uncertainty” for developing artistic clarity and how are they relevant for the interaction between choreographer, performer, dramaturg, producer, distributor, venue, audience/viewer, cultural consumer, critic and scholar?

• How does the current situation of artistic research compare to those of design and scientific research: what can be learned from various research conditions currently practiced in other disciplines?

• What is the “value” of such collaborative research, for the society at large, and in the context of the current situation?

Results and observations will be documented on paper and video.
Time : 45 minutes to 1½ hours

– Ideal number of participants (max) 15
– Technology for showing video-excerpts
– Paper (A4 or A0)
– Drawing/writing utensils
– Video-documention

The session may be adapted for an entire room into the format of presentation with Q&A – in that case: two microphones and people who can bring them to those wishing to speak.


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