Seung Hee Yang

Seung Hee Yang
South Korea
Cohort 1: 2002-2004
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Choreographic projects:

  • ‘Transform’
  • ‘Coordinates’


‘In Search for the Active Visionary. OFC documented as a means for creation’

An initial interest in the work of Namjune Paik has led the writer to the study of Open Form Composition. Through this study the author has created a personal vision and mission. On the way to his present understanding, through two years of study in the Master of Arts course, Dance Unlimited, of Artez, Arnhem, NL, he has documented personal realizations, the making of works and teaching. These documentations reflect a growing knowledge of OFC, and eventually have led to his wished-for conceptualization of the Active Visionary, an embodiment of his personal perspective, choreographic vision and mission, and life’s work to come.