Thomas Körtvélyessy

Thomas Körtvélyessy
Cohort 1: 2002-2004
Website: Real Dance Company

Choreographic projects:

  • ‘Holderlin Lesen’ 
  • ‘Furt: Orange Modern’


‘The idea of (new) order (s)-you & me both, we? Open Form composition and its applications to group situations’

What happens when Open Form Composition is used in a group-process?
Usually this happens in the act of performance, often in a theater, the group consisting at least the of choreographer(s), interpreters / collaborators, audience/witnesses and perhaps secondary recipients via media. The resulting thesis is a blueprint that can be complemented as time goes on.

“the specific potential of creating order through Open Form Composition is re-evaluated to counteract the assumption of indeterminate forms merely creating worthless chaos and uncommunicative disorder, as is often voiced by advocates to a notion of thoroughly set composition as the only valuable way of dancemaking-practice. these thoughts are used to clarify the author’s individual way of working and his concerns, taking into account philosophical, historical, social, and aesthetic considerations that lead to his current choreographic practice. the trail moves along one logical line from fundamental views to elements of practice and culminates with the description of specific choreographic practice examples that have sprung up during two-year period of the study at Dance Unlimited (2002-2004).”