Alexandra Waierstall

Alexandra Waierstall
Cohort 2 : 2004-2006

Choreographic projects:

  • ‘Affect’
  • ‘Affect, a Human Study’


‘Choreographing Stillness. A study on the kinetic and referential body based on images

As a choreographer and dance artist I am interested in investigating the psychophysical body and its central position as the starting point in my creative processes. I am interested in how a body is constructed, how it can enhance and modify, create, challenge and inform dancing in choreography and art today.
This writing is a discourse on the choreographic methodological procedures I followed for my artistic research at the Dance Unlimited Arnhem in 2004 – 2006, the first Post Graduate Degree Program for Choreography in Central Europe. In this paper I will make an attempt to communicate my way moving from theory to practice for the creation of two pieces that where the core of my choreographic research at the Dance Unlimited, ‘A human Study’ choreographed in 2006 and ‘Affect’ choreographed in 2005.