Isabel Cuesta Camacho

Isabel Cuesta Camacho
Cohort 2 : 2004-2006

Choreographic projects:

  • ‘The Puma comes by Night’
  • ‘Skin, Blood, Breath’


‘Something is being whispered in my ear’

Puerto Asis is a small town in the south of Colombia. The great-granddaughter would come to visit her grandparents every year in her school vacation. With her brother she would fly with the tiny airplane from Bogotá over the Cordillera Oriental of Colombia, which is the last tail of the Andes, or Antis, as it is called in Quechua, for the mountain chain, the original home of the Inca Empire. The Andes stretch from Patagonia all the way across Chile parallel to the Pacific Ocean, constituting a natural border between Chile and Argentina, continuing its way across Bolivia and Peru, across Ecuador and then entering Colombia where it bifurcates at the Node de los Pastos in the Cordillera Occidental and Central. From the Cordillera Central another arm of the Andes emerges creating the Cordillera Oriental. This last arm of the Andes ends in the Colombian peninsula of La Guajira at the Caribbean Sea. Flying south from Bogotá to Puerto Asis one is flying over a sea of green vegetation, so full of colour that the waves of those shades and the humidity of the earth resonate inside the body, well into the deepest layers, where the memories of indigenous ancestors reside. While the airplane was landing the great-granddaughter would always look through the window to find her grandfather standing among the people who came to receive their friends and family.

The grandfather with strong hands, an upright posture that made him look taller than he was and a calm but at the same time loud expression, it was as if the strength of his personality and character could shout from underneath that calm expression, the calm but decisive voice. Even years later, landing at international airports much bigger than the one in Puerto Asis, she would still search through the window and imagine her grandfather waiting for her…