Sharona Florsheim

Sharona Florsheim
Cohort 2 : 2004-2006

Choreographic projects:

  • ‘Tangoing Home’
  • ‘OneHana’
  • ‘Axis, Circle, a Heart’


‘Life? or Dance? The individual on stage’


In this thesis my main concern is to establish a clear map portraying my fields of interest, capturing both thematic and methodological aspects of my choreographic work in the last five years. By doing that I intent to gain an overview of my artistic process within the current social context, and further insight as to where it might develop in the near future.

In the firs chapter the thesis discusses the thematic content of the work. This is done by following three fundamental concepts: Identity, Oneness and Duality which are constantly present throughout the choreographies and how they act to form the “individual” on stage. Each of the concepts is briefly defined:

1. “Identity”- In relation to the writing of Ken Wilber in “Integral Psychology” and the work of Cindy Sherman.

2.”Oneness”- In relations to the ancient Kabalistic manuscript “Sefer Yetzira” as discussed in the book “Sefer Yetzira – The Book of Creation” by Arie Kaplan and the writing of Rachel Gordin in the book ” Polarity and Unity in Human Existence”.

3. “Duality” – In relation to the writing of Alan Watts in “The Two Hands of God”.

These concepts are than explored across the choreographies observing how they are manifested in each piece and develop from one to the next.
An emphasis is put on how they interact to create the psychophysical portrait of subject on stage and its relation to the world around it.
In the second chapter the thesis discusses the methodology of the work. This is done by exploring the following aspects:
1. The process of creating material -movement or other wise. The “Daily” body and the “Extra-daily” body are discussed in relation to the writings of Eugenio Barba and Sally Banes.
2. The process of composing in relation to “Open Form” strategies. Reference is made to the work of Yvonne Rainer, Deborah Hay and Mary O’Donnell Fulkerson.

An emphasis is put on how late modern (60’s and early 70’s) American choreographers, in particular Rainer and Deborah Hay, presented the “individual” in their choreographic work and how I relate my work to theirs.

In the final chapter, in an attempt to position my work within a contemporary context, the thesis considers how I envision my work in the social context of today in relationship to the novelist Arundhati Roy and her vision of Art and artists in a global society.
The writing of Charles Jencks in “What is Post Modernism?” is referred to as well as “Spiritual Capital” By Danah Zohar.