Cecilia de Lima

Cecilia de Lima
Cohort 3 : 2006-2008
Website: ceciliadelima.com

Choreographic projects:

  • ‘No Strings Attached’
  • ‘Zero distance-The Vertigo of Affection


‘Sensorial Art’

Throughout my career as a dancer and choreographer I have been fascinated by the power of dance to generate an emotional state purely from physical motions or from the energy contained in movement.
During the two years of the Dance Unlimited course I initiated an artistic research that investigates what makes the pure experience of movement become an emotional state. How does motion generate an emotional state? In this thesis, I look into the nature of the emotional state emerging from dance by reflecting on a sensorial consciousness of motion. Therefore my research does not relate to choreography at the level of composition, but at the level of the dancers experience, focusing on the perception of movement in dance.

This thesis inherently exposes a paradox by trying to convert into paper and articulate in words a vision that exalts communication through experience rather than through formalization. So I’ll try to grasp it in a poetic-philosophic reflection.
Through these writings I do not intent to verify or prove if the thoughts I try to expose here are ‘true’, I intend to search how to make them become ‘true’ more intensely, until they inevitably transform. The basic ground of inspiration for my thoughts comes from my personal experience in dancing and observing dance, which I describe as ‘moments of dance’.

Photo by Winston Huisman