Laura della Longa

Laura della Longa
Cohort 3 : 2006-2008

Choreographic projects:

  • ‘Ind-Eve-iduated’
  • ‘In Between


‘Dance, a porous dialogue’

Coming from a Jazz Dance background, I have been challenged for years by the experience of set movement forms and their aesthetic performative purpose. I had grown tired of a dance paradigm which mainly focuses on the body dimension. I was curious to expand my dancing and dance-making and I moved, over the past years, into the Contemporary Dance field which offered a different perspective on dance and especially on the dancer. I have been fascinated by un-set dance possibilities, and by the immense potential of improvisation especially because they include many aspects of the person I wanted to explore. This exploration entails a struggle in my dancing and choreographing since I have been trying to reconcile set and improvised, being challenged by the relation between these opposites both so close to me, I am fascinated by their difference. In this struggle, I have realized that integration has become my main intention, and the major driving force in the development of my work. So the objective of this Thesis is to research and analyse some selected integrative approaches in both theory and practice in order to understand better what integration actually means, how it develops, what zones include, with the main objective of developing my own dancing and dance -making. So the questions/themes shaping my research are:
1-What is integration in dance, what are the zones to be integrated? A clarifications of
such zones.
2-Are there any other cultural and dance paradigms that approach dance in a way that integrate body, mind, and spirit? In what way? What are their main features?
3-Are there selected contemporary dance practitioners or teachers who base their work on integration? And how do I relate to them?
4- Finally what is my dance paradigm, how did I integrate all my desires and questions about integration in the dancing act?