Gabriela Tarcha

Gabriela Tarcha
Cohort 4 : 2008-2010
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Choreographic projects:

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A methodology of exhaustion and the research question how to inhabit – in the context of performance – the forces of (our) time that can lead one beyond logics of representation? are the departure points of informeorientrembling. Waving references from aesthetics and political theory on various kinds of representation and how they operate –ranging from principles of similarity in distance to turns such as an understanding of representation as articulation, passing by Ranciére’s propositions on the ways representation generates constraints –,it arrives at three key concepts that suggest approaches to the initial question, namely, (an excess of) presence, negotiation and chance –as openings into the unknown, welcoming the monstrous. Referring to examples from the contemporary scene, informeorientrembling goes on to look into per-formative instances and strategies which tend to bear operational modes that, in their structure or in how they embed themselves in their context, open a potential beyond logics of representation. A glimpse on the related transversal subjectivity rounds up the writing.

Photo by Florian Geldner


Online videos, 2010: untitled
by Xica Lisboa

untitled: potsdamer platz

untitled: hackescher markt