Ingo Keil

Ingo Keil
Cohort 4 : 2008-2010
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Choreographic projects:

  • ‘ORTE’
  • ‘Mirrors’


‘The Archive and its Spectators. Degrees of Freedom’

A body travelled by ideas and emotions which leave traces and echoes: A body resonating an inner state. A body as an image caught between idolater and iconoclast movement. This study examines the performance of inner states. The first part starts out with a closer look on neurological and psychological theories, putting them in relation to existing systems of the performance of inner states, entering the realms of gesture, stereotypes, codification and presence.

The second part elaborates on the reading behaviour of these performances and questions of readability, reference frame, reading behaviour are raised, leading to the assumption that the process of transforming live into art is a process of flattening and representation. Life is tuned into an image. At this point the text uses W.J.T Mitchells proposal of ‘sounding the image’ as a third way between iconoclast and idolater: striking the image with critical theory hard enough to make it resonate but not strong enough to destroy it.

i·do·la·ter: One who worships idols.

i·con·o·clast: One who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions.