Juliana Atuesta

Juliana Atuesta
Cohort 4 : 2008-2010
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Choreographic projects:

  • ‘Costume Exile’
  • ‘Volume 18 no. 1


‘Memory in Present Tense’

‘Memory in present tense’ presents the implication of memory in performance practices. It argues that the question of the operation of memory in performance practices arises from the impossibility of repeating an absence that, as absence, is not intelligible. This research examines the role of memory as a form of experience that does not only operate as ‘remembering’, but also as an instance where the remembered thing is experienced particularly in the present; as a ‘representative-presence’ that stands in for the ephemeral event. As the dance performance disappears as an event, so it reappears into memory. This is to think performance practices as part of a linguistic context that not only codifies and regulates performances, but also sets the textual scenery where performance is being experienced.