The Eclectic Body at the Stage of Foot(note)ing

A practice based on repetition, attention, memory and present circumstances, foot(note)ing is a score, organised as a gamelike event. It is about the circulation of material, unfixed and developed in an accumulative process that is inspired by footnotes – a mode of interacting with, adding to and commenting on textual material.
Foot(note)ing is a mode in which I am practicing thoughts and questions in regard to the eclectic body of my work and the formation of a methodological mechanism for my choreographic work 1. In order for this “methodological machine” to function, it has to be practiced and tested under different conditions and within different setups.
At this stage of my research I am in the process of formulating and articulating the score of foot(note)ing while looking into ways in which it can be shared with others both as a public event and as a studio practice. In the past six months I have practiced it in numerous contexts and with different participants. Each of these sessions was highly informative and offered new insights about what the practice is about and how to organise it. The different variations which I am exploring now are:
– gamelike event
– composition technique – solo practice
For ‘Inventing Futures’ I propose to share a foot(note)ing practice session in a form of a gamelike event of about 1.5 hour long, which will be concluded with one hour of exchange and feedback – total time of three hours (with a break). If necessary I could also condense my proposition to two hours. The session will be open for participants who are interested to play and for participants who wish to spectate. Other requests:
– One table + four chairs situated in the centre of the room.
– Seats for public situated around – minimum of 2 meters distance away from the table.


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