Towards a Collective Phenomenology of Dance

In the introductory text of this event a tension is stated between ‘institutional experimentation’ on one side, and the current demand for ‘measureable, understandable and profitable products’ on the other. I do (ofcoarse) not know exactly what the writers had in mind when they wrote this, but when I read these words I tend to see an underlying opposition which has to do with the way one relates to ‘the audience’. ‘Institutional experimentation’ is then placed on the side of ‘peer-to-peer’ exchange, while the demand for ‘profitable products’ refers to an exchange with a larger public under the conditions of capitalism (the artist offers a product and gets money – from the market or funding – in return).
In ‘Towards a Collective Phenomenology of Dance’ I am exploring a practise of artistic research that offers an alternative to this opposition. Premise of this project is the thought that the production and consumption of art is always already research. An approach I found in the work of Maurice Merleau-Ponty on painting.
If we embrace this thought the demand for support from a larger audience could be seperated from the conditions of capitalist production. The question becomes not how to find a place where we can do research and are safe from the public. But how can we; artists, theoreticians and public (so we, human beings) do research together.
The form of this presentation will be a lecture with videomaterial of work on this project that I have done already with ICKamsterdam.

practical requirements: lecture space, video, soundsystem


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