(Un)occupy the Body: towards a dispossessed live presence on stage

“(Un)occupy the Body: towards a dispossessed live presence on stage” explores the symptoms of the apparent paradoxical condition of embodiment and disembodiment by focusing and locating the latter in the process of arriving at the live presence of a dispossessed body. The research considers a number of key questions: What is the significance of disembodiment as a presence on stage? What are the deeper implications for choreography and dance conventionally constructed around the dominant ideas of embodiment, constant motility and spectatorship?
These questions will be addressed by analyzing the performance, process and concepts that created the archive and the show entitled “Invited Guests“. The research draws on the visual arts, philosophy, science, cultural studies, dance and performance theory. Invited Guests is a choreographic project about apathy. The “act of disembodiment” or of removal of “occupied forces” that transverse the body became one of the central points from which more complex compositional ideas irradiated. Consequentially, the body explored in Invited Guests is a less inhabited body from which particular intensities have been removed or a body which has been transversed by such sudden, instant speed by external forces leaving the traces of this instantaneous occupation. Franco Berardi’s concept of exhaustion and its depiction of our present times can be helpful to locate and to identify other idiosyncrasies that characterize this new subjectivity leading to a distinct presence on stage.

This paper will discuss the strategies and methodologies that led to this particular presence that I here call a “dispossessed live presence on stage” and to a possible “choreography of absence of inhabitation”. The paper presentation will be accompanied by:
• a workshop exploring some of the scores/methodologies related to this research and
• a short duo performance.
A studio space and materials for the above paper presentation and performance will be required.


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