Ursina Tossi’s Research Intensive, Oct. 8-12

As part of our residential program each master student has a week to work with a number of 3rd year bachelor dancer maker students of the ArtEZ School of Dance. This first week will be Ursina Tossi’s ‘research intensive’.

“He got what he deserved” is a comment to Timothy Treadwell’s death in the documentation “Grizzly Man” of Werner Herzog. After living among grizzly bears for 13 years in the wilderness of Alaska the animal protection activist was killed by one of his supposed friends. The Animal & the Human is one of the topics the research on hierarchical structures will look into this week. What fascinated Treadwell and made him long to become (like) a bear himself costs his life. What is animalistic in the human being and what is human-like in animals? There are a lot of differences and commonalities to handle. How do we represent the animal via movement qualities of the body? How can we use intensive qualities like scuffle and fight on stage? We will explore different ways of producing these qualities together and take a workshop being a band by the artcore band “The Hirsch Effekt” in the end of the week. The title of an article about the newcomer band from Hannover „Die Tiere sind unruhig“ (The Animals are restless) by Mark Read  www.plattentests.de (19.3.2010) describes the qualities of their music and physical presence very well.




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